Referral Programs

KTCEXCHANGE follows Unilevel referral progamr. Unilevel compensation plan is a single level plan with unlimited members on the front-line. This plan ensures maximum benefit for the collective effort of a distributor.

Get Your Referral Link

All KTC Exchange customers can access their referral link from their profilepage. Login to your KTC account to find your referral link.
Use referral links throughout the entire KTС Network to attract a new stream of partners
Thanks to KTС resources, you can become a popular blogger if you shoot a video about KTС resources
Each video will be in the rotation of the network and will gain a huge number of views thanks to partner services

Invite Your Friends

When your referrals trade on Ktc exchange you’ll earn 100% of the trading fees they pay (0.2% sell/buy fee)

Multi-Level System:
0.1% - 1 Level
0.05% - 2 Level
0.02% - 3 Level
0.01% - 4 Level
0.005% - 5 Level
Special System KTC - 9% (5 levels)

Start Your Earning

When your referrals trade on KTC Exchange you’ll earn 100% of the trading fees they pay.
Each transaction has a commission that goes completely to partners in depth
A good trader statistics has an annual turnover of more than 10,000 BTC
So 20 BTC of them would be yours today if you would fully use the KTC and invite all your friends
Additionally, use the KTС cryptocurrency to attract the flow of funds to your exchange wallet

Expand Your Network

The more you share, the more you earn. Continue sharing your referral link with your network to keep the earnings coming.

Share this link with your friends and start earning today