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KTC - The first independent platform with a unique ever-growing rate, KTC has become a multi-functional currency platform that can be conveyed to the consumer. We offer currency exchange on the site in the most popular payment directions, using web messengers, browser cross-platform, for trading the KTC / USD currency pair on the market.

Thanks to the formed structure, each user, regardless of financial capabilities, can become a full-fledged participant in the system with receiving monetary rewards

Secure storage based on basic mother technology

Instant Exchange All Coin Algo.

Constant growth rate KTC


Mining Pool KTC - the architecture of which is based on the blockchain, adapted to the standard of decentralized digital mining (BGKT- Blockchain Golden Key Technology), the creators of this technology is an integrated company partner of the World Mining Pool.

Promotion of the KTC Option Program
Exclusive Mining is already available to users from day 1, which can bring tremendous results to the holder of the block key, thanks to which its owner can receive a reward of 10% of each purchase of his block, while each new block is 0.0001% more expensive than the previous one, which makes the block fit numbers 14,999,999 and 15,000,000 are the most expensive in the system.

Security Wallet

Expert Windows/Mac/Linux wallet

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Instant Exchange

Fast transaction and exchange

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24/7 Support

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